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How to become an AIRBNB super host in a month even if my property is not in a top location

Two months ago, it was impossible for me to believe that I would write this article… at least not so soon…even if I always had faith in our strategy and our team. In my case everything is a team work result since Gconstructions team works in all projects collectively. However whether you are lucky like me or not the tips for a successful Airbnb hosting are the same.

In this article I quote you some tips that helped me become an AIRBNB super host in a month having a property in a less popular location of Athens. The Airbnb property name is “THE YELLOW FLAT” and is located in Attiki of Athens, 300 meter distance from Attiki metro station.


There is no doubt that location is the main reason which defines the potential of an Airbnb property… however that does not mean your property needs to be in a very expensive area.

· Remember that the distances in city centers are very close, as a result the majority of your guests that love to walk around will soon find out how close they are to the major city attractions and that they do not need to spend a fortune just to approach these spots five minutes earlier.

· In the city center, by using wisely the public transportation network you can go anywhere fast, cheaply and accurately, you are always connected with airports, ports, and other points of interest. Having a property close to metro station always makes the difference.



This is your property…not a five star hotel and people using Airbnb know that already.

· Remember that your guests do not focus on the high standard amenities, they want to live the experience of your city center as locals. Be sure that they are fully aware that you cannot provide the services of a hotel as long as that reflect to your price.

· Accommodate as many guests as possible in your property. That would help bigger groups of people or families who use the property to decrease their budget. However certify not to lower down the standards of staying for your guests.



People enjoy experience more than luxury so give a theme to your property and your guests will reward you.

· Themes have no limits and can be anything… even a color theme can make the difference and prove to your guest that you have decorated with care for their best experience.

· In case you renovate the property decide your theme before the works so as to prepare a base for the right decoration.

· There is no need to spend much money for decoration but do not hesitate to buy something that stand you out from the mass.

·  If you feel that you are not very into fashion and style then it is better to admit it and assign the decoration to a professional.

·  Assign the photography to a professional who specializes in properties so as to highlight your good work. 



Being a host is not easy … you are responsible for your guests and their pleasant stay.

· Keep your property tidy and clean. Maybe this is rule number one if you want to have a chance for a good review.

· Having all the necessary equipment and amenities to make your guests’ life easier and cover most of their needs.

· Long enough before your guests arrive make sure that everything is in the right place and work properly. A check list would be very helpful.

· Make a manual for the house including all the necessary information, such us the operation of the electric appliances, what points of interest are nearby, all the emergency phone numbers.

·  Get to know the area and transportation very well. You have to be ready to give instruction and alternatives to your guests to get to your property from anywhere plus you have to be able to provide useful information such as where they can find proper food around or if there is something interesting that they should not miss.

·  Be available. Your guest are not familiar with the place and they are not willing to ruin their short stay for any reason. The first thing they will do would be to call you directly to give them solution. Imagine how bad would be not to reply to them.

·  Be prepared. This is something that you will conquer better after personal experience but it is not a bad idea at all to do your own research in the web learning from other people experience and get ready as soon as possible.

·  Care a lot and respond quickly. The best reviews for the property sometimes come from people who faced problems with the property. Guess what…guests always appreciate when you care about their problem, respond quickly and help them to figure it out.

·  Take care of yourself. Your image reflects to the property, who would like to stay in a property that belongs to an uncared host?

·  You do not need to give fake smiles to your guest when you do not feel like it but you are obligated to be polite and patient with their questions. Do not forget these people are your guests. Make them feel comfortable in your place. 


Author: Fotis Gazepidis

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