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Airbnb‎: a strong investment or a nightmare on Elm Street?

In Greece of the economic crisis, more and more are trying to find alternatives to invest their money properly. Based on the value of tourism in a country, which remains stable and many times also promising, a new company has come to upset the “stagnant waters” of the world. Specifically, Airbnb is an American company that operates an online marketplace and a hosting service for people to rent or leaseshort-term accommodation and not only, which was established in 2008 and gives the opportunity to 191 countries and 65,000 cities to give a new meaning in the sense of Tourism.

In this context a dilemma is born "Τo open my house and show what we call hospitality in Greece or that will put me just in trouble and bother me"?

The truth is that these thoughts have captured the minds of many who are thinking about dealing with short-term leasing. But the question is how these thoughts are created. Of course not from discussions of experienced hosts or people working for this company. They are the thoughts and concerns of the simple world's point of view towards something new.

Τhe most important problem they reported was that they did not know who they would be hosting at home. “In what condition will the home remain after every hospitality?” Then anxiety was created on the platform itself, as for example, “do we have to respond to all the messages within an hour”? “And if we sleep?” “Will we also have personal life?” Or “will they arrive and leave at any time and do we have to be there for them regardless of the time?”

“And if management companies are ultimately the best solution for all of us?”

Then the concept of hospitality is automatically lost by turning the house into a cold hotel. The philosophy of Airbnb is to open your home in a new world so that you feel part of it. It is not just something to be afraid of, but you have to look for it. Αs this enables you to meet young people, broaden your horizons, learn new cultures, customs and to make new friends. Airbnb also gives hosts the opportunity to exchange their homes in order to visit new countries around the world with a little amount of money.

Furthermore, through short-term leasing, it is possible for anyone to work for himself or to increase his monthly income by 500-1000€ per month. You learn to be active and social. In addition, the proper organization plays a key role in this work, as does the cleanliness and care of the house. Think after that you're ready not only to stay on your own house but also to open up your own business.

To conclude, in the beginning you may have some problems before you renovate the apartment, upload it to the platform and learn how to work it but be sure it's something worthwhile because you will learn a lot but you will get also a lot through this process. Of course it is a matter of time to show, as we know nothing about how airbnb is going to evolve and how long it will last.

That's why you have to get the chance now!

Author: Chrysa Michelidaki

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