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“Cube of Two” is the upcoming residential project in Maroussi by Gconstructionsteam and partners, designed by Fotis Gazepidis and Anna Hatziioannou. Its name as well as its design concept are not randomly chosen but they are the natural continuation of the “Geek Gaze” project that lies just next to it.

The desire of the team was the connection between the new project and the “Geek Gaze”, so everything started with the question:

…what is more likely to be next to a geek?

The first thing coming in mind was no other than a Rubik’s cube, the 3d combination puzzle invented 1974 by Erno Rubik that seems to be the top toy accessory for any “geek” respecting its reputation! However, the need for functionality and cost efficiency, led the design team to another indicative characteristic of a geek, which is…MATH. Architecturally, observing the building gives the feeling of a cube built-in inside a bigger cube, and this is how the mathematical name of the project “2^3” came about!

The plot is at the corner of the intersection of Vyronos and Agriniou str at the borders of two quality suburbs at the north of Athens, between Maroussi and Pefki. Considering the slope of the terrain from Agriniou str, where the street level is lower, a ramp leads vehicles to the basement while pedestrians and wheelchairs have access to the building from the opposite corner of the plot in Vyronos str where the street level is higher. The building is designed with comfortable ramps slope, spacious communal spaces and lift to allow access to people with wheelchair as well as pedestrians.

“Cube of Two” consists of four levels (basement, ground floor, A’ floor and B’ floor) and three properties. In the basement are collected all thee indoor parking spaces and three storage rooms whereas each of the rest levels is corresponding to one property exclusively. All the levels of the building are connected through communal staircase and a lift.

In more details, on the ground floor there is a property of 58.44sqm with a private garden of 51.30sqm while in the second and third floor are two almost identical properties of 74.71sqm. All of them are accompanied with large outdoor spaces andindoor parking plus storage room that are placed in the basement. All the apartments are designed to be very functional with an upgraded layout giving you the feeling that they are much larger than they are. All the rooms are airy, sunny, orientated and placed according to their needs, exploiting in maximum the potential of the plot.


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Author: GConstructions Blog

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