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The "Geek Gaze" is the new residential project in Maroussi by GConstructions team and partners, designed by Fotis Gazepidis and Anna Hatziioannou. Structurally the building is anti-seismic shielded according to Eurocode standards while architecturally the shape of the building is inspired by the idea of a head with glasses arising from the ground and that is where its name comes from. It consists of four properties in three levels. In the ground floor there are two lofts with garden designed in symmetry opposite one to each other, above them, in the first and second floor are two bright maisonettes with private elevator orientated to the south view of Athens. The whole building is surrounded by a wonderful and spacious yard while indoor parking spaces and storage rooms for all properties are placed in the basement. The location is considered ideal for living since the neighborhood gathers a large number of comforts for its residents being close to transportations and amenities (Athens Olympic Sports Complex, Metro-Suburban Station, Shopping Centers and Airport-Port Easy Access).


GC Blog: Why in Maroussi and not somewhere else?


F: It happens to be our home not only as individuals and but as construction business as well. We live in Maroussi the last three decades, so school, friends, activities, everything happened in these neighbourhoods: as a result, we know very well the lifestyle and the dynamic of this place as residents. Moreover, most of our developing projects have taken place here, so we have experienced the area regarding all the stages of a residential construction project. Plot selection, design regulations, construction peculiarities, market needs etc. You could say somehow that we are specialised in residential buildings in Maroussi.


GC Blog: Why this plot and not another one in Maroussi?


F: Apart from the cost, which is obviously a top factor, location and shape also are considered top priorities for a plot selection.

Concerning location, the “Geek Gaze” is considered for us an ideal place for living… especially for foreign citizens judging from their requests. It is in a safe modern suburb providing a great lifestyle, while real estate prices are increasing in the area. The plot is located at the borders of Maroussi with Pefki, close to amenities and points of high interest for its residents. Specifically, the location is no more than:

-Half a kilometre (or 2 minutes by car) from the interchange of Attiki Odos, the main and the most modern motorway of Athens, which leads to Athens Airport (20 minutes) and to country’s national highways (5 minutes).

-1Km (or 10 to 15min walk) from the interchange station of Neratziotissa which connects Marousi with the metro network of Athens and the suburban railway that takes you directly to Athens airport and port.

- 4 minutes by car to OAKA, the main Olympic complex of Athens Olympic games 2004, full of sports facilities and free space where big events also take place, such as important concerts and sport games.

-1Km (or 10 to 15min walk) from shopping malls and super markets. “Mall of Athens”, “Golden Hall” and “Avenue” are the best in the country.

-5 minute by car to Kifissias Avenue that connects Maroussi with Kifissia and Athens city center.

-5 minutes by car from the best private or public hospitals in the country (Ygeia and Iatriko Athinon, KAT, Sismanoglio).

-15-40 minutes from the most important international schools in the country.


GC Blog: Where is your architectural design based on?


F: The shape of an urban building depends largely on the plot shape and the building regulations applied in the area. Gconstructions team is experienced enough to visualise a building, considering these kinds of factors. From the very beginning we knew that in this case plot, dimensions and shape would allow us to design a building with clean lines and symmetry.  However, this was not enough and for this reason special attention was given to the architectural design, not only in terms of aesthetics but mainly in terms of functionality trying for the optimal use of the potential of our plot.

The slope of the terrain is advantageous for us, therefore during planning, effort was given so that this slope is used for the benefit of the building. That explains our decision to place the two maisonettes on the top of the two ground floor apartments, three meters high above the ground, it also explains why bedrooms are downstairs and leisure spaces upstairs, in contrast with the regular maisonettes layout. All these parameters allow the living room, the terrace, and the kitchen of the maisonettes to be orientated ideally to south view over the nearby buildings.

Also we tried benefits and privileges emerged from design to be distributed accordingly to each property’s needs.  For example, the maisonettes which are the largest, the most premium and the most expensive properties of the building are accompanied with double indoor parking space, large storage room in the basement, private elevator that stops in every level of the building. On the other hand, ground floor apartments may have a single indoor parking space in the basement and a little smaller storage room, they may not have elevator, but each of them is granted a piece of the plot so that we upgrade them with extra garden space which is vital feature for a ground floor property buyer.

Finally, emphasis was given to the privacy of each property in a way that all of them enjoy advantages of a detached house. The four properties share the four corners of the building. Specifically, “I1” is orientated northwest, “I2” northeast, “M1” southwest and “M2” southeast.

 To be honest … Definitively, it did not start from the idea to create a building that looks like a “geek” that gazes somewhere. That came after, since in design always “form follows function” and not the opposite.

Author: GConstructions Blog

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