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Greek Real Estate seems a very attractive option for a foreign citizen, especially during this particular period, as a number of positive conditions are met, namely:

• The reduction of the Real Estate prices.
• The most favorable residence permit program in Europe.
• The advantages that Greece combines: a safe European beautiful, sunny country ideal for 4 season living. This combination is not very likely to happen.

However, the distance from decision to action is very long. Buying a property in a foreign country is a procedure not considered as a piece of cake. Complicated matters may arise and many questions have to be answered such as:

• What is the perfect property according to my needs?
• Which area is suitable for me?
• What are the steps of buying a property in Greece?
• How can I find trustful professionals to guide me through all the procedures without paying a fortune?

Our company GConstructions is here to bridge this gap providing you clear solutions to any of your questionings and dissolving all your doubts.

Being activated in the Real Estate business in Greece over the last 40 years we offer you one-stop services covering all the range of the procedures for acquiring your ideal property.

In this context, you can purchase a property belonging to GConstructions and enjoy plenty of benefits and flexibilities or pick up a selected property from our partners’ portfolio.

Whatever is your choice, GConstructions will safely guide you through all the necessary steps offering you a multitude of guaranteed one stop services, responding to what you may need.

Real Estate Services - Property Selection | GConstructions
We can offer you a wide range of properties in top locations according to your budget and your desires.

You can choose a property from GConstructions projects which are owned by our company, gaining many benefits and flexibilities or you can look into a series of specially selected properties in Athens in collaboration with trusted agents, always with our supervision and reasonable charges.

Service Offered 
✔ Property selection 

Gconstruction Properties
✔ No agent fee

Selected Partners’ Properties
✔ 2% agent fee

Our Services - Safe Purchase & Transaction Process | GConstructions
When the property is chosen, GConstructions guarantees you safe Real Estate transactions.

Have you chosen your ideal property?

The next step is the property purchase which is completed with a transaction contract. This is the most important procedure where you need to make sure that in the end you have a safe and valid property ownership.

Our company GConstructions guarantees safe Real Estate transactions in Greece. Our team is very experienced with all the requirements for overseas citizens buying a property in Greece, ensuring proper and legitimate procedures throughout all the steps in order to become a property owner in Greece.

The procedures and the services offered by Gconstructions concern:

The preparation stage so that the overseas citizen is able to buy a property according to the Greek laws (Power of Attorney, Greek Tax Number, Greek bank account).

• All the procedures of a safe transaction contract (legal and engineer control, Submission of transaction tax statements, Contract Draft & signing)

• All the post - contract procedures (registration to the Land Registry office, land registry certificates).

Depending on whether you have decided to buy a Gconstructions property or a selected partners’ property you can find here the charges of a safe property transaction process.

Service Offered
✔ Safe property transaction process

Gconstructions Properties
✔ Free of charge 

Selected Partners’ Properties
✔ Reasonable charges supervised by our company.

Golden Visa Services | GConstructions
GConstructions undertakes all procedures for issuing a residence permit for you and your family.

Greece offers the most affordable residence permit in Europe. According to Law 4251/2014 non-European citizens have the chance to become EU resident by just buying property in Greece the minimum value of which is 250.000 euros. 

Once you are the owner of real estate in Greece and you are eligible to apply our company can undertake all procedures for issuing a residence permit for you and your family.

Our services:

• Power of attorney to our lawyer in order to represent you at the immigration authorities and apply.

• Health insurance Issue and collect the necessary documents for the application.

• Complete the preparation of your personal folder with all the required documents

• Submit the file to the competent authorities

• Follow up the application and intervene, when necessary, for the issuance of the final residence permit.

Depending on whether you have decided to buy a GConstructions property or a selected partners’ property you can find here the charges of issuing the residence permit.


Service Offered
✔ Residence permit issuing 

GConstructions Properties
✔ Free of charge for one person (the buyer)by reaching the 250.000 euros only by GConstructions properties.

Selected Partners’ Properties
✔ Reasonable charges supervised by our company.

Our Services - Property Management | GConstructions
GConstructions is next to you as a valuable partner, utilizing its many years of experience in property management tasks.

Now that you are a property owner in Greece, our company again is here to assist you manage the day-to-day operations of your property and keep it in a safe and habitable condition.

We are here to do all the work for a top control of your property portfolio giving you peace of mind and making your investment profitable avoiding all feasible risks and complexities an unknown market poses for you. 

GConstructions is next to you as a valuable partner, utilizing its many years of experience in property management tasks which include:

• Renting and tenancy services.

• Maintenance and Repairs.

• Marketing and advertising services.

• Managing the Budget & Paying Bills

• Frequent property supervising.

• Maintaining Records of bills, payments, agreements, invoices etc.

• Ensuring property complies with all legislation standards and updates.

• Accounting and tax property services.

• Reports to the owner.

Depending on whether you have decided to buy a GConstructions property or a selected partners property you can find here the relevant charges.


Service Offered
✔ Management services

Gconstruction Properties
✔ Free of charge management  services for up to 3 years from the sale contract

Selected Partners’ Properties
✔ Monthly management reasonable fee supervised by us

Our Services - Property Design | GConstructions
For over 40 years GConstructions, is a well-respected company with advanced know-how in the residential constructions industry.

Our core team including distinguished architects and civil engineers matched with our network of experiences construction professionals ensure tailored projects according to your needs and your budget.

Our services encompass all phases of the building process with attention to detail and devotion to quality and always in accordance with current building regulations:

• Design, planning & building license.

• Private constructions projects.

• Property renovations.

• Building control & certificates. 

• Energy performance control & certificates.

• Civil engineer certificates required for a property transaction.

• Legalization of arbitrary properties (according to Law 4495/2017).

GConstructions has, through the years, successfully completed a large number of projects which certify our company’s efficiency in terms of quality, aesthetics and deadlines. An extensive client list is the proof that GConstructions is a team you can trust for your next desired project in Greece.

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