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Maroussi is a modern yet very human city belonging to the Northern Suburbs of Athens, having a population of more than 70.000 residents. A wealthy city combining the urban element together with low construction, many trees and gardens, offering also many amenities, there is no wonder why many people choose Maroussi to settle down and have a quality living.

A Metropolitan Center
Over the last decades Maroussi has evolved into one of the greatest Metropolitan Centers in Attica and especially after the 1990s to one of the main economic centers in the whole country.
The area around Kifissias Avenue has not been accidentally identified as “the avenue of billions”: hundreds of enterprises, banks, multinational companies, offices of all sectors, great shopping malls and hospitals are gathered here where the 25% of the country’s GDP is produced.
Glass architecture, multi facets buildings, and impressive skyscrapers together with relatively recent infrastructure projects such as Suburban Stations and road junctions give the location a metropolitan atmosphere making some people call it the “Manhattan of Athens”.
A human city with quiet neighborhoods
In Maroussi it is a matter of minutes to travel to what feels like different worlds. Leaving behind the urban streets, just a few steps away, a completely different setting unfolds: smaller block of flats, detached houses, gardens, green areas and quieter neighborhoods with a lot of pedestrian streets make up the image of a city fit for a quality life.
The best way of course to understand Maroussi is to feel what this city is all about: to walk through some of its neighborhoods extending from the center and to admire the elaborate houses with beautiful gardens and colorful flowers, hear the sounds of birds and enjoy the smells of cooked food coming out of doors and windows.
If you are still wondering why so many people choose to live in Maroussi, the answer could certainly not be given in one sentence: Maroussi is a multidimensional city, offering top amenities:

•     Top Location: Easy access from and to all parts of Attika, the airport, the port. Having 3 metro stations and also suburban railway station and many bus lines,
•     Local transportation solutions making the residents' life easy.

•     Alsos Syggrou, maybe the only natural forest remaining in the whole Attika, a wonderful place for promenades, bicycle rides, family moments and several recreational activities.

•     The greatest malls in Greece are gathered in Maroussi such as the Mall, the Golden Hall, Avenue offering top shopping choices for all needs.

•     Great Sports Facilities: The Olympic Complex in the heart of Maroussi gives the chance for any kind of sports activity for adults and children: running, swimming, basketball, track and field, boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities just a heartbeat away from your door!

•     Easy access to many public and private hospitals and maternity clinics.

•     Many schools for all grades and proximity to international schools.

•     Wonderful ideas for cinemas, restaurants, cafes, bars and much more worth discovering.

Overall, perhaps the most special feature of the area is its two-speed character; it is the way that the ultra-modern buildings combine with the old neoclassical and elaborate houses and the neighborhoods of other times that we long for.
Either you live alone or having a big family with children and grandparents, either you are seeking a continuing momentum or you are looking for tranquility, Maroussi with its multidimensional facets can offer you all these elements and much more.

Author: Katerina Gazepidou

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