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Buying a property is normally the biggest investment of an individual. That means that the steak is high and most likely that there is no previous experience for a buyer. This results in the need for a good preparation before the purchase and for the creation of an experienced, trusted team of real estate professionals.



Explore real estate platforms and get a taste of the real estate market.

Nowadays real estate platforms are really sophisticated allowing visitors to set their priorities and customise their research. Make sure you use the correct filters that correspond to your needs, and you have already made your first main step for the purchase of your life.

Ask people with recent experience. 

Ask people that made the same investment thus you will be able to learn from their experience and mistakes. It is important if their experience is not long ago because real estate market transforms through time. The most recent the best!

Ask people from the real estate industry.

Almost everybody know somebody from the real estate industry (architect, civil engineer, lawyer, notary, agent etc.). Do not hesitate to contact a professional you trust, this most likely to be the biggest investment of your life, any help you can get is important.  



Address to a real estate agent

You might think you want to save this kind of money but if the issue is fair transactions, then a skilled real estate agent can protect you from traps and bad choices. An experienced agent belonging to a well know brand office could be proved vital since the agents ensures a large portfolio, a better support from his brand much more because your recommendation would matter for them the most. Do not forget they have built their business based on good reputation therefore your references are really important to them. Select just one agent that fits your standards rather than address to several and make sure he understands you are a serious potential buyer. Agents get paid only after the notarial deed; it makes sense for him knowing that finally he will get paid for his service… he will serve you better by giving you priority compared to others.

Choose a lawyer specialized in real estate

The lawyer is an important choice too. A common mistake potential buyers do is addressing to lawyers from their close circle with no experience in real-estate just because they are cheaper or make them feel that they can protect them better than a stranger. It happens quite often that novice lawyers spoil deals because they are hesitant. They don’t own the procedure and put obstacles to cover their insecurity. It is easier for them to do so because they do not take any responsibility and on the other hand, they can claim that they have protected their client. Think before you choose because you might lose your best choice for no reason at all. Select an experienced doer rather a newbie spoiler.

Choose an experienced engineer or an architect

Same as lawyers, engineers must specialise in real estate business. Specifically, these days it is important for an engineer to cover both construction and legal fields. Regarding construction, an experienced engineer could help you pay attention to what is important and value things in construction that matter the most. While you might be impressed by a nice, decorated house your engineer should be able to evaluate it in technical terms. Moreover nowadays engineers and architects must connoisseur laws since they are responsible to examine the legality of a property and this is very important!



After you have completed you research and created a team based on trust and knowledge, start visiting properties. Since your agent is a member of a large brand he would have a large portfolio of properties to indicate you, however you should continue web searching and if you find something interesting, instead of contact the office in the registration, address to your agent. Most likely he will find this property for you through his contacts. 

Something between 10 to 20 properties for viewing, depending on how settled you are, is considered satisfying. Choose the best three if that is possible and let your team work as fast as possible.



In this stage there is no reason to waste time. Unfortunately, a property is not an industrial standard product, on the contrary it is unique. You should not hesitate to proceed fast because a good opportunity for you is normally a good opportunity for more people, if it takes you too long probably someone else will overtake you. 

Make sure your team will move fast doing a quick check concerning the legality of the property and directly give a deposit to get the property out of the market.

Act fast with your first choice because if you do not…definitely you will do it with your second!

Author: Fotis Gazepidis

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