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Chatting with Fotini: our talented decorator!

Fotini Gazepidou belongs to the basic team of Gconstructions more than a decade. Her nickname is “multilateral” and not by accident. She started by executing tasks mainly relative to the public services and later she also revealed her artistic aspect. Specifically the last couple of years the company started to fully furnish a number of properties and she commissioned to decorate them. Most of them are utilized either as short term or long term investment performing really well. Those operating as Airbnb investment have great rates and special references concerning their decoration.

GC Blog: They call you “multilateral”, do you feel more executive or artistic?

F: A day unfortunately has only 24 hours, difficult fact if you want to occupy yourself with various activities. Timelines demand fast and executive way of working but this model does not suit me because I stop enjoying and cannot create. I prefer to let my more artistic self come out and this helps me to think of new ideas, feel more motivated, get passionate and bring a quality result.

GC Blog: What is the difference between design and decoration?

F: Design is about creating spaces according to the needs of residents, combining many aspects such as psychology, light ,lifestyle etc and has a permanent character.

Decoration comes once the design of a house is complete to beautify and leave the artistic touch; it is a game between colours, shapes, patterns.

GC Blog: From what stage do you take over?

F: Each flat is being renovated by our company experts devoting the necessary time required for a quality result. Once this process is done I start decorating. During the process of renovating I try to decide what style I shall give to this place, minimal or vintage or contemporary etc.

GC Blog: Are there any limitations that restrict you?

F: Sometimes I have difficulty in finding the furniture I need in stores, the collections are limited and as a result you see the same pieces everywhere. I insist in finding alternatives and I do not give up until I am satisfied.

GC Blog: What is the biggest challenge for you when working on a project?

F: To choose furniture in the right dimensions, according to the capacity of the rooms, do not overcrowd a place but also do not leave it with insufficient decoration. I like playful houses not monotonous or boring. Also I try to combine different style furniture, I like to mix and match and therefore to enjoy an unexpected look. This may be time-consuming and exhausting but in my opinion it’s totally worth it.

GC Blog: Which property is your favorite creative work and why?

F: Difficult question as I love them all, I have an emotional bond with each one.

It was hard for me to say goodbye to the latest property I decorated, as this place had many challenges which meant more work and devotion to overcome them and I gave my very best. It became an elegant flat with an interesting contrast between dark walls, white sofa and the warm tones of bamboo sticks. (https://gconstructions.com/properties/apartment-in-athens-agiou-meletiou-128/)

GC Blog: Which are your favorite color combinations?

F: For the bedrooms I prefer colors that contain shadows of blue and green, etc. Green is relaxing, it reminds me of nature while blue can calm the senses, give a gentle breeze. For the living room I prefer warm tones for an inviting and cozy feeling.

GC Blog: Is there any rule you always follow?

F: I have various rules that help me get organized; one of them is that I allow myself to act spontaneously concerning the part of the apartment that I will begin with.

Usually I choose the room of the apartment that inspires me the most. Most of the times, this place is the living room!

GC Blog: List some applications and magazines that inspire you.

F: Instagram and pinterest give beautiful moments of inspiration. I also get inspired from the home adore web site and also programmes about design and decoration such as the series “The World's Most Extraordinary Homes”.

GC Blog: Share with us a proud creative moment you’ve had lately.

F: I was really excited when I realised how impressive was the result of the idea to install bamboo sticks on the enormous niches of the front wall in our latest work. The sticks were cut by me on the dimensions of the niches and then glued. In the end I was very tired but looking this beautiful installation I felt really good.

Author: GConstructions Blog

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