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Age is nothing than a number

Are you one of those guys used to complaining about more chances when you were younger but now being older you don’t give any opportunities to young people with the obvious excuse that they lack of experience?

Do not worry… most of us are like that. Recognizing this fact, is in itself a step forward. 

I used to be like that until two young ladies, Anna and Christina, changed my way of thinking…

Everything started for me when I attended for my first time the presentation of diplomatic papers for the department of architects in National Technical University of Athens.

In different rooms there were groups of two to three students that presented their architectural project in front of a number of audience, lecturers, other students, family and friends. Each presentation lasted 45 minutes, more or less, followed by a discussion and a session in the form of questions and answers between the lectures and the students concerning the project.

Everything was extraordinary to me. I could not get how the students got in that level without any professional experience. The projects were innovative, well done with attention to details. Presentations were well organized leading to the point audiences not having a clue about architecture. The best part though was the arguing between examiners and students after the presentation. That was the time were you could realize that everything in the design had a reason.

I was really impressed and I instantly wondered how soon and how many of those talented young students will have a chance in real business.

It was after that experience when I decided to trust a renovation-decoration project to two talented young ladies: Anna Hatziioannou and Christina Salib. Even if architects are prepared for more serious missions the project was not negligible for someone not having any previous professional experience at all. A flat over 100sqm in the sixth floor of a building in the city center of Athens just next to a metro station. This property was intended to be an Airbnb investment however it was really in a very bad condition. Interior design from the scratch, total renovation and complete decoration was needed so as to become a reliable asset for our company. Even if I had seen those girls’ talent and creativity in more sophisticated projects I worried because there is always a great gap between theory and reality. How could they manage time planning, budget, suppliers and workers?

Despite my doubts the ladies did not let me down…a manual of few pages describing steps and responsibilities with the minimum of guidance from the core team was enough for them. Without bothering anyone, they achieved to deal with all the steps and tasks finishing the project within timetable and budget. They managed with great success to make over the old property to a stylish, modern and comfortable flat with all the amenities very fast and with a reasonable cost.

The flat is completed now and is utilized as a short term investment through Airbnb platform. Its performance is great so far being one of the top Gconstructions properties this period proved by guest’s great comments and its financial numbers.

Getting to my point, older people do things through safe well know paths while young people ignoring the dangers are more likely to innovate when they have the right guidance. These days, capabilities of young people are recognized globally since they are leading this era of technology. However in a country like Greece and especially in professions related to construction, society denies trusting them until they become old.

That does not apply to me anymore…

Author: Fotis Gazepidis

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