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10 questions to a successful Airbnb Host

Chrysa Michelidaki is a core member of GConstructions team and among her responsibilities is to manage as a host, all company’s Airbnb properties. Even though she is just 25 years old without any previous experience in the field of hosting she has achieved many things in a short time.

More specifically she started in May 2018 and prospered to become a super host in less than a month. So far she has managed well even 7 properties at the same period. Even if none of them are located in the most popular Airbnb neighborhoods of Athens (as they are in Metaxourgio, Attiki, Pangrati, Stathmos Larissis, square of Ameriki) she has received over 120 reviews from guests in less than a year and a half with an overall rating 4.9/5.0 while the hosts numbers in the same neighborhoods fluctuates between 4.50 to 4.60 and in the top areas between 4.60 to 4.75.

GC Blog: How many places do you rent out now and where are they?
C: Number varies since among GConstructions activities is to buy and sell properties. Now, we have three apartments on the Airbnb platform and we are ready to welcome the visitors of the site. By the end of September, I expect the renovation of two more apartments to be completed. So I will be managing five apartments soon.

GC Blog: What made you want to become an Airbnb host?
C: The choice was not purely personal. As a member of this company I was selected to this post (position). They would know something more than me ha-ha!

GC Blog: You became a Superhost in less than a month… What is the secret of your success as a host?
C: I'm not going to say the cliché thing, which everyone says meaning: “The hard work”. Of course this also plays an important role. But the truth is that this title should be attributed to many people of our company as it is a result of a great number of things: From the renovation, the decoration to the cleanliness and then finally myself, with a big smile ready to welcome our guests

GC Blog: The comments and the rating you have collected are far too good while the properties are not in top locations, how do you explain that?
C: Many times location does not play the most important role. The visitor may feel more secure if he or she has developed a relationship with the host, knowing that there is a person in case of need. Communication shapes the customer's point of view.

GC Blog: What is the most difficult part of being a host?
C: I would say the working hours. Good or bad, your program (schedule) is made by the visitor, depending on the time of arrival and departure. And also if something bad happens, you are the only person they know in this country, so you are the first person they will address to.

GC Blog: What is your favorite part of being a host?
C: The fact, that I meet people from all over the world. Every new booking there is a new enthusiasm for the client's origin. Something I wouldn't have the opportunity to do otherwise, unless I manage to tour the world at some point.

GC Blog: Is there anything something you want to improve regarding your services?
C: I would like to be in direct contact with all guests, which is often impossible as two bookings come at the same time very often. Or be more personal with them. I have been invited many times for food or a drink but because my particular occupation is within the scope of my work, I had to reject the invitation.

GC Blog: Tell us a unique experience with your guests.
C: I have enough stories to tell good and bad. I will pick the most bizarre: A group of boys had come to Athens for their friends' bachelor party and happened to celebrate it in the same Athens club with me, where I had my birthday that day. But the funniest thing is that the next day the pharmacies were closed and I was running to get them stomach medicines, I felt like their mom.

GC Blog: Where your favorite guests come from and why?
C: The truth is: I can't choose! So I will talk about my last booking from Hungary. I felt with them as if I had known them for years. They were all warm, friendly, polite and respectful. And when it was time for them to leave, they showed how much they appreciated not only our hard work at home but also my help for the few days they spent. They have shown me that what we do makes sense and that the reward lies in simple things like the wishes and nice words of our customers!

GC Blog: Give a tip about how someone could become a good Airbnb host?
C: Show your best self and greet them with your biggest smile
*Keep your home as clean as your mother-in-law is coming

Author: GConstructions Blog

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